Ophelia's Guides to Shaping Your Future

Ophelia's Guides to Shaping Your Future

You can do it - a real and moving testimonial

Ophelia Hogan - Thursday, August 18, 2016
I am very fortunate to work with some truly lovely people. Over that last 20 years I have witnessed many successes, many relapses, many struggles and many life lasting behaviour changes resulting in significant health, fitness, well being and personal benefits. To see a person's confidence and self-belief grow and shine is truly wonderful and very, very possible. But more than anything I know that it is not easy and that finding what works for an individual is key. However you chose to become the best possible version of you, my advice is to find a personal plan that works for you, your lifestyle, your beliefs, your environment, your likes and dislikes with the core focus being on your long term health and well being.

Testimonial July 2016
"For me trying to loose weight and exercise has always been incredibly hard.Social media can make it appear that losing weight and staying in great shape is easy and everyone else is looking and feeling great. I lost 2 stone with the help of Ophelia. But due to an illness I went off track and couldn't get back on. Weeks turned into months and still I couldn't change my eating habits and whilst exercising regularly the weight crept on.

There is a saying ' if you do what you have always done you will get what you always got.'

We decided it was time for a different approach.

Ophelia set up a programme for a week's home bootcamp to kickstart my weight loss together with a personal eating plan that focused on eating real foods high in nutrition and 'fullness factor' but also watching the calories. It was a very very  tough week as I work full time and I love food. However, with Ophelia's enouragement I made it to the end of the week. I reached my target in week 1 and in subsequent weeks carried on losing at a more steady rate. I was eating healthy food that I enjoy and increasing my exercise with a combination of personal training sessions and gym classes with a good friend who also helped to keep me motivated. 

I have finally made it to my target. But I still have days where prosecco and chocolate cake are irresistable and its not easy. There is too much in the media to suggest it is and it really isn't. 

What has worked for me may not for you but just wanted to encourage people to think about trying something different. I have been extremely fortunate to train with Ophelia for a number of years and I am so grateful for her help and support; its a marathon not a sprint and I couldn't have done it without her."                                     For obvious reasons of confidentiality name withheld.

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